Most parents these days are fed up with their little ones glued to screens for a long time. And to add to their woes, the gaming craze has done nothing but added to the screen-time. While parents are looking for ways and means to get rid of their kids excess gaming habits, here’s a positive side to it – gaming is said to develop a skill set among kids. These skills have been noticed in kids who play games over those who don’t. So read, for a ray of hope!

Improved co-ordination:
Gaming helps to improve hand-eye coordination, thus making the reflexes of the kids quick. You cannot just sit in front of a PC or a smartphone and let the game play for itself, right? A lot of hand, eye, movement coordination goes into playing a game as a result of which improved reflexes and coordination have been noted.

Better coordination:
Children usually are very restless in nature; getting them to sit down in place for more than half an hour is next to impossible. However, with gaming, the kids slowly learn to keep their focus intact for a longer time. Not only do they sit still and stable for a long time but also focus on the task (gaming) they’re doing.

Enhances multitasking:
Gaming is one of the ways to improve multitasking abilities in your children. The right kind of games can go a long way in developing skills which are important for your child to learn and which will be useful for them throughout their lives.


Better concentration:
Kids who find it hard to concentrate have shown drastic improvement after playing specific games. Gaming contributes a lot in improvement of concentration and focus levels – making sure your child’s attention and concentration span improve a lot.

Quick reflexes:
Most of the games have some objective in them – save the king or something like that. In a bid to achieve what the game has set for them, the kids learn how to tackle the problems that come their way. Not only do they solve the problems, but they learn to do so quickly.

Innovative learning:
Not all games are about shooting, jumping or flying! Some are even learning based. And if you introduce your little ones to such games, they will learn concepts In a much better way and faster than traditional methods of learning. Look out for such games online, and you’ll notice how quickly your child picks up these concepts.


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